What ‘Journalists’ Really Think

If you want to know what journalists here think about you, the Republican/Conservative viewer/reader, these comments found on a local website couldn’t illustrate more clearly how biased they are.

The initial comment was:

“Spoke with a lovely gal from a competing news outlet today while we covered a Trump protest in Stevens Point, Wis. Our conversation naturally steered towards this week’s newsroom shooting in Annapolis. She said she felt like the incident had been ‘swept aside’. When the protest organizer said Kennedy’s resignation from the U.S. Supreme Court ‘ruined his whole week’, I realized she was right.

“We need an ongoing, national conversation on the importance of teaching the public what we do, why it’s important, and responsible news consumption.”

Unbelievable. First, a “journalist” wants the public to keep thinking about the violence and gun issue when it hits home to them. These Leftists must have been profoundly disappointed that the shooter wasn’t a conservative. One reporter from a Massachusetts newspaper even tweeted that a red MAGA cap was found on the floor of the newsroom, implying that a Trump supporter shot up the newsroom because he was a crazed, deluded person. I saw that post on Twitter and quickly realized it wasn’t supported by any facts and the reporter later admitted he made it up and he was fired.

So much for integrity.

Then, the person laments that the Kennedy resignation “ruined” her week. Wait a minute. Isn’t her job to report news, not editorialize. They so readily forget the purpose of their jobs!

Finally, why is her job to “teach the public” what they do? Are we to read the news or be taught the news? I prefer read. Why is it important? Are we too dumb to understand and evaluate? Journalists think we are.

Another person adds: “I don’t disagree, and it’s something worth doing. But I have a concern that you’d be preaching to the choir. People who think objective news is important will continue to do so, but Trump supporters/Fox News viewers will continue to reject objective news in favor of ‘truthiness’ and their irrational feeling of being aggrieved regardless of what we do. Objectivity is not their friend, so they will never embrace it. Again, though, I think it’s worth doing.”

In other words, Trump supporters and Fox News viewers don’t want to know the truth, are oblivious to the truth and are bigots. That is truly what they think.

Then this reply: “CNN is not any more or less objective than Fox. I watch all 3 major cable news networks. MSNBC and CNN are constantly critical of Trump while Fox News is constantly defending Trump. CNN and MSNBC lean heavily liberal while Fox leans heavily conservative. I don’t like any of them because I can’t hear an objective word about anything unless there is something completely apolitical to report such as weather.”

Sorry, but weather is not apolitical, in case he hadn’t noticed. Global warming, hurricanes and storms get blamed on conservative beliefs that these are frauds. Then, when storms hit, they are quickly made political stories. Remember Katrina?

By the way, CNN is less objective than Fox. Wonder if he thinks the over the top coverage of Stormy Daniels was factual and worth reporting?

Here’s another:

“Research does not show equivalencies between Fox and CNN. Remember the poll that showed people who watched Fox had fewer facts than people who watched no news at all.
“Viewers who watched CNN had much higher handle on the facts.

“As for CNN, presenting critical coverage of Trump, who offers so much to analyze within his disregard for traditional norms and laws, sometimes sounds like liberalism when it is just honest context.
“I would suggest that of all the cable news channels, CNN comes closest to objective journalistic standards. I’ve seen its reporters, especially Tapper and Cuomo,for example, who show no deference to a party label.”

No, I don’t remember the poll that showed people who watched Fox had fewer facts than people who watched no news at all. Probably a fake news poll. There are lots of them. Besides, many polls show that Republicans are better informed and people who listen to Rush Limbaugh the most informed. But he doesn’t want to know that.

Then there is what CNN doesn’t cover. Such as the booming economy, the successful trip to North Korea and Trump rallies. That’s a form of propaganda in itself.
Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo no deference to a party label? Don’t be ridiculous. Both have been active in Democrat politics forever. Tapper worked for Salon, an ultra lefty rag. He has worked for gun control. He worked as a press secretary for a Democrat. Cuomo’s dad was governor of New York and his brother is now. No deference? That shows a profound lack of facts.

Sadly, this is what some local “journalists” think. Fair and objective is not on the radar.

But you knew that. We’ve come to accept it and that’s the really sad part.

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