Carson Visits Memphis


Dr. Ben Carson speaks to a crwod at the Forum.
Dr. Ben Carson speaks to a crwod at the Forum.

Today’s CA front page headline reads “In Memphis, Ben Carson defends hiking rents.”

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

Having attended the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) event last night at the FedEx forum, I have to agree with HUD Secretary Carson’s evaluation: “What a bunch of crap.”

In his speech, Carson warned that the media has hopped on that figure and idea to provoke a hysterical response – which our media certainly did. The subtleties of the issue get pushed away to make a screaming headline.

As the article and Carson said, the same proposal on rent hikes was made by the previous administration, however without much notice. Carson said this administration has not declared “war on the poor, but on poor management. When I took the job at HUD I was shocked at what I found. HUD was incredibly inefficient.”

He noted that there were 32 million different rents paid by people, which was inefficient and confusing. “We have given flexibility to landlords,” he said, adding that they have also pushed Section 3 so that “if you’re receiving HUD money, you need to use and hire people in that area…The goal is self sufficiency. Success is not measured by the number of people in our programs, but how many get out.”

Carson was the first speaker at the conference, which had about 200 people attending. Notice how slyly the reporter puts it: “More than 100 people attended the event, filling up about half of the seats.” More than 100 registers as 100 in your head, doesn’t it? The event should have been much larger, but it wasn’t given much publicity, even by our own Shelby GOP.

Carson went on to say that he and the Trump administration center on this one idea – why don’t we do things that actually help people. “We need to return to our political values as in the Constitution,” he said. “Some would have us step away from our values. This administration challenges the status quo. We are definitely disturbing the swamp creatures and they don’t like it.

“Our government and its policies have been responsible for what we have now,” he added. Carson acknowledged that our country is strong in protecting us from outside enemies, but added that we “can only be brought down by the inside. We can’t allow ourselves to be manipulated by people who don’t want what our country is all about. We the American people are not each others’ enemies.”

The HUD secretary mentioned that he is often accosted with questions about why he mentions God in his speeches. “In medicine we call it schizophrenia. Can’t talk about God when He’s in our Constitution, in our pledge, in our courtrooms and on our coins. We can’t let people get rid of our Judeo Christian heritage.”

Carson credited the tax cuts for fueling the good economy we are enjoying, but there is another factor, too.

“Originally we were told to cut two regulations for every new one. In fact, 22 regulations are gone for every new one.” He cautioned that we need more trained workers to fill “about 6 million jobs that are now vacant. We need to train our people.”

Carson was the keynote speaker at the event. Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Federation, had a bunch of interesting speakers. Aside from Carson, there was gubernatorial candidate and Congresswoman Diane Black; her husband; Lawrence Jones who often appears on Fox News; and Art Laffer.

The even started a little after 5 and ran til 8, with panels discussing topics concerning the economy, drug addiction and challenges facing Tennessee.

The organizers provided a terrific buffet of bbq, chili, cheese sauces, pita and tortilla chips, cooked vegetables, fruits and an assortment of fancy cheeses.

The event was free.

Next: Diane Black answers the question “What would you like to see come out of government to help Tennessee.”

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