Midtowners Sallied Fourth

July 4thThe annual Central Gardens Fourth of July parade this year was bigger than ever.

There were more people, more floats, more kids dressed up than I can remember.

This despite temperatures that had the patriotic dogs attending panting and the many fans given out by Mary Wagner’s campaign stirring up whiffs of air.

This year the floats were quite elaborate. We have morphed from little red wagons being pulled by dads to ATVs, golf carts and other vehicles staffed with people throwing out red, white and blue bead necklaces. Perhaps it is the Trump economy that is fueling upward mobility.

I did see a Phil Bredesen sign in one yard. That’s disappointing but not unexpected. I hope Marsha gets her signs and T shirts to West Tennessee.

Mary Wagner had an effective presence with her fans. Every other person had one. David Lenoir came and walked through the crowd with several aides sporting his blue T shirt. Sam Goff was out there and expressed confidence in beating Tami Sawyer for County Commission seat District 7.

A voter registration booth was set up, but as Goff commented, registration date for the August election had expired the day before. Perhaps they were thinking of November, but I’m not sure we want liberal Midtowners voting.

Democrat Sheriff candidate Floyd Bonner had his people out, too.

Didn’t see any MAGA hats, but then that’s not shocking. Trump supporters, especially recently, have been the whipping boys for the intolerant and increasingly violent liberals. Our side has too much respect for the occasion to trigger any negative acts.

Three policemen on horseback led the parade and fire trucks spewed water for kids to play in at the parade end on Willett. Midtowners provided snow cones, popcorn and drinks and the Oscar Mayer weinermobile and a truck attended too.

It’s nice to see people of all ages participate in a neighborhood event. It’s another one of the nice things about living in Midtown. And I’m glad the Shelby GOP did not ignore this event.

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