Solutions for City Not Paved with Claptrap

The CA’s most esteemed columnist – in her eyes and theirs – has the answer today on the front page to why Memphians are leaving the city.

Yes, she has the solution.

Crime, you ask? Poor schools which devour enormous sums only to turn out students who know less than the previous class? Jobs? (See previous sentence.) Terrible service from our utility company that jeopardizes the lives of thousands every time a small wind blows? High property tax that can be avoided by moving just outside the city? Taxes, such as those on food that make necessities here cost more than our neighbors surrounding us?

Wrong again.

No, none of the above. The main problem in her eyes that keeps people from flocking here is infrastructure. In particular, she faults the lack of a viable public transit system as the No. 1 culprit.

While I agree that our roads need help – why are the constantly tearing up our main thoroughfares, by the way, for what? – she’s talking about MATA. “It’s severely underfunded.”

So where’s the money coming from? Even if it did, would millennials from cities with subways race here to take the bus? Doubtful.

The other problem she highlights is the minimum wage. The city is now paying $15.50 an hour minimum wage, so why don’t other companies follow, she asks? States that have hiked minimum wage have seen businesses close because they can’t afford to pay more. That would contribute, rather than stop, the exodus, if experience matters.

These are all Democrat ideas that avoid facing the difficult issues we have. Until crime is under control, people are unwilling to commit to a home or business somewhere that could be robbed. Until education is fixed – and that means actually failing people who don’t pass – we won’t attract companies here who can employ our citizens.

Until someone with a vision steps forward who is not part of the race racket, we won’t straighten out our problems. That is unlikely, because that is what gets people here elected.

Infrastructure indeed! They’re kidding themselves. Provide people who are actually worth paying $15 an hour plus, rather than playing socialist games. That would put us on the highway to success. As of now, we’re on the slippery slope downward.

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