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Lee Harris says outright that he’s happy to raise our taxes.

According to Mike Matthews reporting for, Harris will do that if he feels the schools need more money.

Lee Harris says he’s not running a campaign where he makes one speech in South Memphis, then another speech in Collierville, saying different things to different people.

“I think you have to be one candidate all across the county,” he says, “… campaigning all across the county with one message about one community. I think that’s investing in students, in neighborhoods like we are in. I think it’s getting rid of blight, like the blight you see over my shoulder.”

Harris wanted to meet up in front of vacant Vance Middle School to prove his point. Closed schools can be sold, or used for something else, he says, not just left empty.

If doing things to improve the quality of education for students, or the quality of life for people means raise taxes, Lee Harris says he’s not afraid to ask for a tax increase.

“You’re not going to find me on the campaign trail,” he says, “… talking about right sizing and these kids of phrases. That does not speak to the community needs I’ve seen while serving on the city council and in the state senate.”

We have poured billions into our school system in the last decade. Has it made a difference? Are our graduates better prepared for the job market?

It would appear “no” as that is the number one complaint of employers coming to Memphis.

As with all issues, Democrats believe more money solves everything.

It doesn’t.

We can’t let this man beat David Lenoir.

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