Today’s Kerfuffle

I heard the last bit of Trump and Putin’s news conference this morning. Seemed appropriate and fine.

Then I heard the crazies explode on TV, using terms like “disgraceful!” “disgusting!” from conservative people like Fox Business hosts.

Did they hear the same thing I did?

What did they expect to happen at a press conference? Does much ever happen at a press conference? It’s usually just a polite exchange of opinions. Rarely does any big news come out of one, especially when it’s a formal, first one such as Trump officially meeting Putin alone this time.

I agree that the U.S. has interfered in other countries’ elections. Obama blatantly tried to influence Canada’s prime minister election, Israel’s and Brexit, just to name a few. Obviously other countries will try to have an effect on ours. We’re the big guy, No. 1 in the world. They want someone who favors them.

But in our election have we ever found any more proof than a few facebook ads that the Russians interfered with? Didn’t Obama make fun of Trump before the election, saying that they couldn’t have much influence since our system is large and varied?

And, like Trump, I believe our intelligence community is not reliable. Does this make me unpatriotic?

Evidently, if you listen to CNN and Never Trumpers.

Wanting an unbiased opinion, I turned to Scott Adams, Dilbert creator and one of the few who was correct about Trump and the 2016 election. You can listen to him here:

Don’t you find it an amazing coincidence, too, that all the anti Trump people immediately used the same terms in describing the news conference? Disgraceful and disgusting dotted the channels like so much popcorn put in pans simultaneously.

Probably these phrases were pre-determined and spread earlier for dissemination. We know the Left and the Dems do this through their networking.

In looking around conservative sites this afternoon, I see that most regular people – you know, we deplorables – are not offended or upset by what Trump said.

Do yourself a favor and skip the networks for a day or two. Another crisis will come along and be the next topic of outrage.

It’s what they live on.

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