More Clown Antics

Steve Cohen can’t resist stepping in a pile. We saw that last week with his ridiculous desire to give disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a Purple Heart.

With all the frenzy over President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, our representative couldn’t resist jumping in as well. He tweeted, “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

It appears he is calling for a coup or an insurrection.

Apparently he was responding to a tweet by Democratic Party activist Scott Dworkin who accused Trump of being a traitor who should resign, “BREAKING: Trump just said he trusted Putin over the American military and the American intelligence services, in the assessment of election interference. He absolutely needs to resign. What a complete and utter disgrace. Absolutely disgusting. What a traitor.”

He then covered his call by tweeting, “Talk about jumping to conclusions without talking to source. No coup called for . I seriously doubt anyone would use twitter to do .. one tweet if by land two if by sea…Wow”

Guess he didn’t want the Secret Service knocking at his door.
Interestingly, his bio on twitter reads, a “Leader in Effort to #ImpeachTrump”.

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