What If?

Supposing President Trump yesterday at the press conference had confronted Putin about election interference. Suppose he told him that Russia was behind it, that Putin was responsible and we would not tolerate any more of it.

That’s what the Left and Never Trumpers wanted him to say.

If he had, half of them would still be angry with him this morning.

Many would say that a world wide audience would not be the proper setting to castigate the Russian president. They would say that diplomacy would insist that these kinds of things be done behind closed doors. They would say that Trump threatened the peace of the world by being hyper confrontational.

Had he said something sternly to Putin, would that have made the slightest difference in what Putin would do anyhow? Would shaming keep Putin in line? Of course not!

The same people who tell Trump not to trust the Russians would say he still could not trust the Russians.

On Putin’s part, he would not have taken well to a public humiliation. Neither would the Russian people. Would we? Well, maybe the hateful Left would have lapped it up, but the general populace would not have liked it done to an American president.

So it wouldn’t have made the slightest difference. Should Putin have wanted to continue hacking or cyber interfering, he would have been even more likely to continue it.

We don’t know what went on behind doors at the Putin/Trump summit. Trump says much was accomplished. It probably was. It would all have been nullified had Trump issued stern warnings to the Russian leader.

It is better to get along than to antagonize. What don’t people get about that? You can still keep your eyes open.

As for our intelligence agencies, Trump was completely honest about their dishonest operations. Isn’t that what we want in a leader, the truth?

The whole response smells of a highly orchestrated effort. You can believe that they would have attacked had he done something else.

Too much of the old political world order is at stake for them. We can only expect more. Buckle up.

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