License to Lie

The CA had quite the headline this morning on the top of the masthead: “More Tennesseans are sporting Confederate flag license plates.” The story was referred to page 11A. (Not too hard to find in such a slim newspaper.)

That story is headlined: “Confederate flag license plates surge in TN.” It reads, “The number of Tennesseans now displaying Confederate battle flag license plates is higher than at any other point in the last decade, according to state data on the controversial specialty tags.”

This is the point where you’re supposed to let out a gasp, followed by a sigh as the implication is that Tennessee is becoming more and more racist.

Then you read that 2018 fiscal year saw the number 72% higher than at the end of the 2015 fiscal year.

Again, a gasp and a sigh.

Except, Republican Don Johnson, Director, Constituent Services & Community Relations for the governor, tweeted out the truth. He wrote, “The @TNSenateDems claim that the @BillHaslam admin is ‘collecting donations’ for the Sons of Confederate Veterans cause we sell SCV license plates as mandated by law. Who put that law in place you ask? Democrats Steve Cohen and Roy Herron. #ConfederateCohen #Hypocrisy”

He adds, “Source: 2002 Public Chapter 876”

You won’t read that in the CA or have it brought up by Cohen, will you?

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