My Sample Ballot

It’s very important to vote tomorrow.

If we get Lee Harris as County Mayor, he will happily raise taxes. He’s admitted this already. You can watch your property tax bill get a hike. He’s also a friend of Planned Parenthood, which is an issue that is important to many of us. He’s sought the endorsement of Our Rev (revolution), which is a Leftist organization centered on Bernie Sanderson pushing socialism.

David Lenoir has done an excellent job as Trustee. He will manage our money well as County Mayor. He will get along well with the County Commission, something Mayor Luttrell has not been able to accomplish.

I am endorsing Diane Black for governor. She’s been impressive in the House and has helped President Trump repeatedly. Her values are right for Tennessee – Right for Life, NRA, low taxes. Randy Boyd and Bill Lee have not had to work with a legislature. And Beth Harwell leans a little too RINO for my taste.

Here are my other choices:

Robert Trouy for Assessor.
George Chism, Trustee
Dale Lane, Sheriff
Tom Leatherwood, Circuit Court Clerk
Richard DeSaussure, Criminal Court Clerk
Bobby Simmons, Juvenile Court Clerk
Chris Thomas, Probate Court
Donna Creeson, County Clerk
Wayne Mashburn, Register of Deeds
Sam Goff, County Commission Dist. 7
Charlotte Bergman, House District 9
Brian Kelsey, Tennessee State Senate, Dist. 29
Mary Wagner, Circuit Court, Div. 7
David Rudolph, Circuit Court, Div. 9
Jennifer Smith Nichols, Criminal Court, Div. 10
Ford Canale, City Council

Then there is a ballot initiative concerning whether the local officials should determine raises for the county officials or whether the state should regulate it. I voted no because I think the amendment gives too much leeway to local officials who might want to reward friends with higher salaries.

Early voting was light in Republican votes – it often is.

Let’s hope Republicans get out and vote tomorrow. All these offices really have a direct effect on our daily lives. We need responsible people in charge.

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