Bad Night for Shelby GOP, Good for State

We lost race after race in Shelby County yesterday. It isn’t pretty. Now the Democrats – and militant ones, too – will be in charge of the County as Mayor, Sheriff’s office, Trustee, Probate Court Clerk, Assessor and county commission seats.
Hello tax increases.

Poor Republican turnout hurt us. Perhaps some of the same old candidates put up hurt, too. There really isn’t any good news for Republicans – here.

However, lest anyone despair, the state GOP did well. Turnout appears to have been 2 to 1. Marsha Blackburn got almost twice as many votes as Phil Bredesen for the Senate seat. We now have a single gubernatorial candidate to focus on rather than the ugly fight that went on and turned off many voters.

On Twitter, @unseen1 laid it out:

1. You have all heard about the open seats the GOP has to defend and how this is going to lead to a blue wave and a dem takeover of Congress. Well tonight that narrative got a 2×4 of reality upside the head at least in Tennessee.
2. In Tenn primary 4 of those open seats were up for grabs. Three of those seats were in the House District 2, 6th and 7th and one in the senate.
3. In House district 2 the turnout so far with 95% reporting is 96,800 GOP votes to 30,300 Dem votes.
4. In the 6th district, the turnout so far with 99% reporting is 104,700 GOP votes to only 30,600 Dem votes
5. In the 7th district the gop candidate ran unopposed so no turnout numbers for the GOP side but on the dem side with 88% reporting only 32,700 people bothered to show up. This is NOT a blue wave turnout numbers
6. Finally in the Senate race for an open seat. This is the one the dems were really pushing a couple months ago as a possible flip for the dems. With 96% reporting the turnout so far is 710,500 GOP votes to only 375,300 dem votes.
7. Turnout was up for BOTH parties. Again not what a blue wave would show. Dems might have “energy” but they don’t have enough voters and are being matched with a corresponding increase in GOP voters.
8. Quick what happens when two equal but opposite waves come together?
9. Destructive interference. Destructive interference occurs when waves come together in such a way that they completely cancel each other out. When two waves interfere destructively, they must have the same amplitude in opposite directions.

Thank goodness for the sane parts of Tennessee. We’re not one of them.

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