Dem Gives GOP Advice

When you lose, everyone piles on.

Today it’s CA political analyst Susan Adler Thorpe. She believes she has the answer to why Shelby Republicans lost. “Local GOP responsible for its own decline” is the headline.

Now, bear in mind that she is a fervid Democrat. Remember that when she goes on to smash the GOP.
Ms. Thorpe writes, “If Shelby County Republicans want to blame anyone or anything for their crushing defeat in last week’s countywide elections, they might look in the mirror to find the answer. The Shelby County GOP is responsible for its own collapse, which was more than a quarter century in the making.”

Collapse, Ms. Thorpe? That’s a bit extreme. We have done pretty well in the last few elections. Remember 2010? Not exactly 25 years ago.

And here’s the meat of her argument, “Shelby County enjoyed a long history of non partisan politics going back deep into the 20th century. But in 1992, with the local GOP’s growing acceptance among white suburban voters and the growing dominance of African American leadership in the local Democratic Party, a band of Republican leaders found the magic formula to win countywide elections far into the future. They insisted on implementing partisan primaries in countywide elections despite pleas by the Democrats not to do it.

“Yet Republicans turned a deaf ear to the Democrats at the time, saying that countywide partisan politics was a healthy way to promote good government at the local level. In other words, party leaders believed there was a Republican way to pick up the garbage, as Republican operative John Ryder told me at the time.”

She’s forgetting a very partisan Memphian – Mayor Crump. You voted for his party, especially if you were black, or you got punished. Dems have convenient memory loss.

Besides, what good is a party if it doesn’t have beliefs? Would she get rid of the two party system? I don’t get her beef. It gives voters a choice of two different philosophies. It’s as necessary in local elections as in national.

As for garbage, she’s dealing in it. Yes, there is a Republican way of picking up garbage. It usually comes in cheaper and more efficiently than the Democrat/union/city controlled mess.

Then we get to more of what she’s really talking about: “The GOP’s push for partisan primaries also clouded the political landscape because it linked partisan politics to race in a community already divided along racial lines.”

Yes, it all comes back to race with the Republicans being the villains. However, if there is any group that is more partisan than Democrats, I don’t know who they are. Blacks are supposed to vote with them. They insist on it. Anything else is racist and not worth thinking about. There is ONLY partisanship here.

Thorpe goes onto suggest that our success and gloating set up a perfect storm. Advice perhaps the Dems should heed now?

The “Democratic (sic) blue wave is fueling their spirit,” Thorpe writes of the new “young and progressive leadership.” She cautions that the “Republican party needs to get its head out of the sand.”

So partisanship is our sin.

That’s rich coming from a Democrat. On the national scene, the Democrats are using hyperpartisanship to fuel their people, as we know from Maxine Waters. We’ve had physical assaults (Sarah Sanders, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and just yesterday Republicans Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens) and attempted killings (Steve Scalise and the GOP congressman on a train to a retreat when it almost derailed). Democrats aren’t shy about wishing the President and his family would die, either.

Locally I don’t recall Mayor Strickland consulting with his citizens about removing Confederate statues. No referendum or vote – he just did it. Then the caterwauling about early voting locations. All strictly legal, but the fuel for a media storm against Republicans.

And is there a more partisan member of Congress than Rep. Steve Cohen? He hates every Republican, votes against every Republican bill and goes on TV railing against any and all Republicans.

If that’s not partisan, what is?

No, when someone accuses Republicans of hyperpartisanship, it’s because they want us to shut up.

Why take the advice of the opposition? How dumb do you think we are?

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