Inefficiency Reflected at the Ballot?

Yesterday I looked at the Shelby GOP website,

It still had up information on the pending Aug. 2 election. Today it still does. It has an image of a finger pointing with the sign “Go Vote.”

Today it has been updated to show that Tom Leatherwood has been chosen to run in the vacated post of Ron Lollar, who recently died, for the District 99 candidacy. But it still has up that there will be a special convention to nominate someone on Aug. 6.

Couldn’t someone update this site daily? Doesn’t anyone care?

No one cared either when I went into the headquarters on Germantown Parkway yesterday to get some signs.
Two of us went in the office and no one was sitting at the front desk. Finally a meek voice squeaked out “hi.” It was a young woman sitting at a laptop behind a curtain in the back. She wasn’t really helpful when we enquired about a sign. We were just told to take whatever was out front, which we did.

If someone had gone in for some information on which to base a vote, would that have encouraged a voter to go Republican? It looked like no one cared.

Most or all of these posts are volunteer, but if they can’t keep someone there with a Republican attitude, it’s not really doing any good, is it?

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