Crime in Memphis No Longer Problem

“Is the ‘tough on crime’ era over?” asks a columnist in the CA today.

Wait, what? Did I miss something? Did it ever happen? Because it seems like crime is as bad as ever here.

This remark was in the context of last week’s Shelby County mayoral election.

The analyst refers to Mayor Strickland’s 2015 campaign, when he “hammered” public safety to voters. He claims that both Lee Harris and David Lenoir both tried the same approach, but for Lenoir, “tough on crime talk is waning.”

You see, Lenoir’s tough stance “was behind the times; that even though Shelby County has a high crime rate, people want their resources used to address the issues that fuel crime…(Lenoir) and Harris were saying roughly the same thing through the campaign, with a different emphasis: Crack down on violent crime but focus on prevention. Harris seemed more interested in talking about how poverty feeds the criminal justice system than actual criminal justice reforms.”

I guess gullible people will fall for that. When a criminal is taking stuff out of your house or holding you up or carjacking, we should all remember that he/she had a bad childhood and let it rip.

“Voters attitudes are probably changing, gradually, and they should,” he says. Why should they? The only way to stop crime is to stop crime. Rudy Giuliani did it in New York by concentrating on the broken window theory. He believed that little crimes lead to bigger crimes and it’s best to stop it early. Under him, New York became a much safer place.

Contrast that with Chicago. 71 shootings in just one weekend. Twelve died. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is following just such a course of action as Strickland and Harris want. We have plenty of weekend shootings ourselves; they are fewer because we have fewer people.

With Harris and Strickland in charge – and Janis Fullilove as Juvenile Court Clerk – what do you think will happen?

More money will be allocated to youth programs; toothless policies will also sop up taxpayer dimes; more young men will be dismissed from Juvenile Court else the race police will be sicced on the judges; they’ll be a move towards more gun control; illegal aliens will be allowed in to commit crimes.

None of that has worked in Chicago, by the way.

Won’t work here either.

It makes bleeding heart liberals feel better though.

Meanwhile, citizens will have to have a gate in their driveways, cameras outside and around the house, alarm systems, independent patrol companies, tough dogs and vigilance.

This will be the new Shelby County.

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