Raised Eyebrow Department

Things that raise an eyebrow in the news (sorry Justin, but you need better glue for yours):

Erik Prince, an American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL officer best known for founding the government services and security company Blackwater USA, has been on TV touting his plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan. It’s an interesting concept. It’s also interesting that he is the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Did you know that Fox host Dana Perino has a home in South Carolina?

Perino first visited the Lowcountry for a friend’s wedding, reported Charleston Home + Design, and fell in love with this “magical place.” She likes to relax at this home at Palmetto Bluff. Nice perk.

Leftist TV “comedian” Stephen Colbert, fighting for the little guy as all Democrats say they do, also grew up in Charleston. Not a bad house, eh?

It’s called the George Chisholm house and is on a historic walking tour there.

And did you see the interview with Phil Mudd (it’s available on this site below)? I was intrigued with the Memphis, Tenn. line at the top.

He spoke here in September of 2016 at a TedX event. Here’s the youtube:

TedX describes itself: “TEDx brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe. TEDx events are organized by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community. TEDx events include live speakers and recorded TED Talks, and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED.”

It appears he does make money from his status.

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