Newest Display of Virtue

You can’t walk in Midtown without running across signs. We’re pock marked with Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen ones aside from the Lee Harris ones that still hang on a month after the election.

Then there is the sign declaring how that house believes “love is love,” “science is real,” etc. There are lots of those. I particularly noticed the one that had a tree with a Trump dummy hanging from a noose as well as the sign.

It’s such a blatant virtue signal for the occupant that it is cringe worthy. Obviously the people are stating their superiority to the rest of us.

Now there’s another one:

This one was recently started by a Cornell University student. Here’s what the University said about it:

In Lucia Rodriguez’ Chicago neighborhood, when there is an injustice, a sign is created or a ribbon tied to a tree. Those signs and ribbons are distributed through local coffee shops and grocery stores, or people pick them up from a bucket in her parents’ backyard.

The newest sign that started in her neighborhood has made its way around the country and Rodriguez, a Class of 2020 economics major, hopes it soon becomes ubiquitous in dorm rooms and Collegetown businesses at Cornell.

The red, white and blue sign, “Hate Has No Home Here,” was devised by a Chicago family whose middle-schooler was trying to understand the nasty speech he was hearing after the presidential election, Rodriguez said. Neighborhood activists in Chicago worked with an artist to design the poster, which can be customized to include up to seven different languages.

In Chicago, Rodriguez said, neighborhoods have created various versions of the poster, based on the most popular languages spoken in their neighborhood.

Started in Chicago, huh? Now that’s a city known for peace.

Why do I have the feeling that the home owner would not consider Republicans worthy of their credo? The hate going on in this country now seems to come from one source: the Democrat/liberal/media cabal.

Talk about smug, intolerant and divisive!

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