Hard to Digest

If you had just found out that you were going to prison for years, would be torn from your family and your career was in shambles, would you celebrate by going out to a fancy restaurant?

Don’t think so.
Michael Cohen did.

Shortly after his guilt verdict, he dined at a swanky New York restaurant. Page Six reveals:

Diners at Le Bilboquet were stunned to see President Trump’s fixer-turned-antagonist Michael Cohen show up for dinner just hours after pleading guilty to eight charges and testifying that Trump had instructed him to commit a felony.

A spy at the trendy Upper East Side haunt said, “It was definitely a shock when I saw him out after the big news,” adding that Cohen — who had earlier in the afternoon claimed under oath that Trump told him to make illegal payments to silence Trump mistresses — “honestly seemed pretty relaxed, surprisingly.”

We’re told Cohen spent much of the dinner typing out lengthy messages on his phone, but onlookers would otherwise have no indication that he was at the center of a global scandal.

“He wasn’t trying to hide,” said our source. “He wasn’t cornered away in the back or anything — he was at the front, right when you walked in.”

Cohen didn’t get back to us. Perhaps he had other things on his mind.

Most of us would have found that verdict hard to swallow. Not Cohen, evidently. Any sympathy for him is misplaced.

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