‘RINO’ Ozzy Ousted

Australia has that weird British government style in which a Prime Minister can be quickly ousted, despite what the election decided.

Malcolm Turnbull, who was a giant RINO in their conservative circles and a big squish on issues, got the boot in favor of a tougher, conservative guy, Scott Morrison.

Powerline noted this important news, which was lost in the 7/24/365 media Trump onslaught:

Meanwhile, did you hear anywhere that Australia’s ruling Liberal Party (which, remember, is the conservative party, because they still have the old-fashioned understanding of “liberal” in place, God bless them), has ousted their prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and replaced him with Scott Morrison, who is best known as being the cabinet minister who was the architect of Australia’s tough immigration policy. But lost in most of the media coverage was that a key issue in the ouster of Turnbull was climate policy. Turnbull was committed to the usual theology of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and this generated a backlash in the party.

Only the Wall Street Journal seems to have noted this aspect of the story:

“With the resource-rich nation facing spiraling power bills and unreliable supply, Mr. Turnbull’s government last year proposed a policy that aimed to deliver affordable electricity while reducing emissions in line with a target set by the Paris climate agreement.

“Some conservative lawmakers wanted to abandon Australia’s commitment to cut emissions by at least 26% below 2005 levels by 2030, and to provide more support for the coal industry.

“Mr. Turnbull attempted a compromise to secure support from his own party, including dropping plans to legislate the emissions target in favor of regulating it. On Monday, the prime minister acknowledged those efforts had failed. ‘We aren’t going to present a bill into the House of Representatives until we believe it will be carried,’ he told reporters. . .

“Climate policy has proved a hot-button issue in Australia, where exports of coal and other commodities have underpinned 27 years of economic expansion. Some of the most closely contested electoral districts are in coal-rich regions. Coal is the source of 63% of Australia’s power, down from roughly 80% at the turn of the century.”

Energy matters, stock markets matter, the economy matters. All this impeachment Trump stuff is meant to take your eye off his achievements and promises kept.

See article below for another take on this week in Washington.

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