McCain Coverage Over the Top

I heard that Senator John McCain had gone to his “reward” Saturday night.

It was expected that there would be massive coverage of it; he ran for president, was a long serving senator and was famous for being a Vietnam POW.

But I didn’t expect 36 hours plus of non stop McCain.

It was too much. I had to go news dark. The only place that didn’t continually cover it was One America News, but even there they covered the topic amply.

I voted for him in 2008, but that doesn’t erase the fact that he was, as a friend put it, “a mean, petty vindictive man.”

That about sums him up for me.

He never missed a chance to shaft conservatives/Republicans. Remember his “Tea Party Hobbits” slur? The reference was to the little people who inhabit the middle kingdom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In other words, middle American conservative people.

Then there was his approval and some say, encouragement of the IRS to go after the Tea Party hobbits. Unfortunately, that was successful and hobbled many a good patriot.

He didn’t even respect his vice presidential choice, Sarah Palin. She was more gracious to him in death than he was to her in life.
Remember, too, the Keating Five and the Gang of Eight dedicated to spoiling immigration legislation? He also divorced his critically injured first wife who was no longer the beauty he married, for Cindy. How about his passing legislation in the early ’90s to prevent any attempts to retrieve POWs from Vietnam and Laos? Not a good legacy.

McCain’s bitterness about losing two presidential elections carried over to his disdain for Trump. It is now believed he was among the first to initiate and promulgate the phony Steele dossier. Talk about dirty tricks!

Then in his last illness, McCain refused to resign and let someone else represent the people of Arizona.

Oh, did I mention that he alone stopped the repeal of Obamacare?

The coverage was just another media misreading of the American people. The heartland doesn’t care much about his conversion to sainthood by them. We recognize him for what he was, while appreciating that he did serve his country.

But to go on for days about it?

Someone quipped in a blog comment that McCain wanted to be buried at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, but a better place would be behind DNC headquarters.

I noticed to my chagrin that even Nextdoor took up the McCain cause. This one comment caught my eye: “As for politics, I’ve always used Senator McCain as my divining rod to determine the character of people around me. If you can’t respect his service and don’t admire his character simply due to his politics, then I really can’t respect or admire YOU. (This opinion is not a dig at our current administration, I’ve felt this way for many years.)”

Nice sentiments, but misguided. McCain was what he was. If you can’t see the truth or appreciate it, you’ll never understand what it means to be an American.

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