More McLame Coverage

I’m not sure FDR got as much coverage when he died as Senator John McCain is getting all week.

It was bad enough over the weekend when he died to hear the lauds and hosannas for a man who really accomplished little in his 30 years in the Senate. That’s really quite remarkable.

This weekend we’ve got another onslaught to endure as he will have a service at the National Cathedral before burial Sunday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

In the meantime, he’s managed – in death – to get a few last strikes in against his opponents.

He made sure that his former Vice Presidential choice, Sarah Palin, was not going to attend his funeral. She has too much class to respond as vindictively as he did.

He also made it clear he didn’t want President Trump anywhere near his funeral events. I’m sure Trump can deal with that slight easily.

Then he participated in a film soon to be released in which he again knocks Trump.

The Daily Mail reports:

Senator John McCain appears in an upcoming documentary filmed before his death warning the United States about president Donald Trump and his ties to Russia.

In a clip of Jack Bryan’s Active Matters, McCain joins Hillary Clinton, Yahoo News chief investigative corespondent Michael Isikoff and others as they discuss Trump, the 2016 presidential election and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The documentary debuts in theaters on August 31, less than a week after McCain died from brain cancer.

‘The fact that there was an attack on the fundamental—the absolute fundamental—a free and fair election, should alarm all of us,’ McCain says in a clip obtained by The Daily Beast.

McCain is referring to numerous reports alleging that the Russian government meddled in the 2016 election, something Putin denies. Special counsel Robert Mueller has spent the past few months investigating the alleged collusion.

Isikoff appears in the film saying that possible Russian involvement ‘spooked officials in the White House’.

‘And that’s the moment, I think, that the enormity of the Russian influence campaign really started to hit home,’ he added.

Clinton added: ‘People were seeing this dangerous, troubling activity coming from the Russians that was actually in our electoral system.’

This from a man who was polled as the third least liked member of the Senate, behind Mitch McConnell and Jeff Flake.

Slinging mud from the grave is not a good look. At least it will all by over by Monday.

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