The Kavanaugh Case in Retrospect

What just happened with the Kavanaugh confirmation?

Now that it’s over it’s worth a summation. The victory meant, as one blogger put it, “The days of transforming our country through judicial activism are over, and that is a catastrophe for the left.”

But let’s not forget what happened.

Clarice Feldman at reminds us.

Here’s a quick recap of the flimsiness of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations by an online friend, Max Madison:

She refused to hand over the results of her polygraph

She refused to hand over her 2012 therapist’s notes

She said she was afraid to fly, but has flown dozens of times.

Since she did in fact fly, she offered no other reason for the delay

She said she wanted anonymity but contacted [the Washington Post] multiple times

Said she got advice from “beach friends” but didn’t mention that the primary one was a former FBI lawyer, Monica McLean, who worked for Preet Bharara, a man Trump fired. She also failed to mention, when talking of her Beach friends at the hearing, that Monica was sitting right behind her.

She had a perfect memory of 1982 but couldn’t remember basic things from the previous 10 weeks

She’d been drinking.

She changed the year of the alleged attack

She named 4 people, but had no backers

She couldn’t remember how she got home even though her story had her escaping the house far from home, pre-cell phone.

She gave no location or any details that could be researched for verification.

She never told anyone and never claimed PTSD prior to Kavanaugh’s name circulating 30 years later.

She said that she put the 2nd door on her house because of PTSD, but evidence shows it was to get around zoning laws to create a rentable apartment.

She said she didn’t know that Grassley offered to come to her, even though it was broadcast nationally.

She feigned no knowledge of polygraphs even though her ex’s sworn statement said she’d coached Monica McLean how to beat it in the 1990s, and in any case her profession should have at least well acquainted her with it.

She co-authored a paper on repressed memory creation years before she claimed to have one

Nothing is known of her pharmacology, but given her past alcoholism, her visits to a therapist and her general presentation, odds are high that it’s extensive.

She scrubbed her social media. We know from a pussy hat photo that she was rabidly anti-Trump.

She had zero family or friends with her, not from the 80s nor from today. She was surrounded only by Democrat Party handlers.

Constant cries of bravery & “nothing to gain” vs a $700,000 GoFundMe and a career boosted a la Anita Hill

Literally all there is her word vs all of the above. Not a shred of evidence.

I would add to this excellent summary – one of those she claimed at the “event” in question, Leland Keyser, whom she characterized as a lifelong friend, informed the committee that McLean had pressured her in a vain attempt to get her to change her statement to support Ford’s account.

The later claims of sexual predation by the nominee were even more fantastical and were rightly dismissed out of hand.

We almost lost the rule of law and the presumption of innocence over such flimsy smears!

John Nolte at Breibart had an interesting winners/losers take.
Winners: The rule of law, Justice Kavanaugh, President Trump, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Jeff Flake, The Republican Party, The Federalist Society, Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell and Breitbart News (for fair reporting).

Losers: The organized Left, Democrats, The Establishment Media, Michael Avenatti, Lisa Murkowski, Never Trump dead enders (David Frum, Jennifer Rubin, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol), Cory Booker, #MeToo, The Matriarchy, Hollywood, Alyssa Milano and Fox News. The latter because “The opinion line-up was fine, it was the news part of Fox News that disgraced itself with a litany of fake news about Dr. Ford being ‘credible.’ It is not about the politics or the even the fate of the Supreme Court — the fate of a man was on the line, a whole man, and Fox News, of all places, threw him to the wolves by declaring — without a shred of evidence, without hearing his side — that the sexual assault allegations against him ‘credible.’ That is as un-American as it gets. Fox News is dead to me.”

It’s a very good wrap up so go read the whole thing here:

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