Fox Star Kills It

If you watch Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld Show Saturday nights at 9 Central time – and you should – you probably have seen Kat Timpf.

She’s a young libertarian who is permanently on his panel along with Tyrus. Timpf plays straight man to Gutfeld. Her humor is self depracating and low keyed.

According to Page Six of the New York Post, Timpf threw herself a 30th birthday bash.

The Fox News personality rolled up to her funeral-themed bash inside a hearse, although she herself was tucked away in a coffin.

“In case you thought I wouldn’t enter my 30th birthday party in a casket via hearse being escorted by Jerry Only of Misfits #RIPKatTimpf,” Timpf posted on Instagram.

Once inside the Manhattan venue, we’re told Timpf listened to eulogies from close family and friends, as baby photos and floral arrangements were scattered about the room. Following the deathly festivities, Timpf and her party pals enjoyed an afterparty at a funeral home, where the Misfits performed.

Timpf turns the big 3-0 on Monday, Oct. 29.

At least she doesn’t take herself seriously.

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