The Council Fights Back

Yesterday someone let slip a very interesting point at the Memphis City Council meeting.

The Council decided to fight back on the Vote No campaign on the referenda and to fund a “public information campaign” about them.

According to the Daily Memphian, Council member Frank Colvett “questioned whether voters who approved the use of IRV in a 2008 city charter amendment referendum knew it could involve counting ballots by hand.”

He was referring to Instant Runoff Voting, the issue that is on the second referendum.

The question of who would be responsible for tabulating the second and third choices – should the first candidate not win a plurality – is one that is inherent in IRV. Do you trust officials first, to know how to do it and secondly, that they will do it fairly? Frankly, I don’t believe either premise.

Whenever someone starts messing with our voting system, it sends out big warning signs to me. Do they want to massage and manipulate the votes until they get the desired outcome?
Wouldn’t this greatly delay the results of the election? The greater the amount of time between votes cast and the vote revealed, the greater the chance of tampering.

What about the cost? The man hours involved in IRV could very easily negate the savings the IRV proponents say they’ll have.

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