Bag This Idea

Government officials so want to control our lives – for our own good, don’t you know – that they can’t leave anything to our discretion.

The City Clowncil yesterday declared their intention to tax us on our grocery bags. Council Chairman Berlin Boyd brought up this winner. He wants a “plastic checkout bag tax” on the use of plastic bags citywide. He wants to charge us 7 cents per bag. Boyd plans to phase this in, probably hoping that we don’t notice at first, then become accustomed to it.

The Council says they want to hear from grocers before a final vote.

Yeah, maybe. But what about users?

This idea is supposed to save the environment. Does it? Will it?

Other cities that have imposed this fee end up having people use cloth type bags that can never be properly cleaned. The result is an increase in diseases. Not surprising to anyone who ever bought a package of meat only to find it dripping bloody juices all over everything. We have enough e coli floating around without adding this to it.

Many of us dog lovers use them for poop bags. Many will just let the dog go in the future and not pick it up if they have to keep paying for bags.

Bottom line, though: why can’t we choose for ourselves? Those who want to take their own bags to the store can already do it. They can continue. Sometimes it’s easier to bring your own, sometimes not. Why should consumer and retailer be punished with this tax.

What’s next? A chewing tax? Think about your day and you’ll realize how much of what you do, even in the privacy of your home, is taxed.

It’s ridiculous. We don’t need one more.

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