More Questions Than Answers on Sayoc

There is a lot about the Cesar Sayoc case that doesn’t seem quite right. In fact, a lot of what has come out, plus the timing, appears too convenient for Democrats/Lefties/Progressives/Media people.

For example, Theothermccain commented, “While described as a ‘Seminole Indian’ and a fervent Trump supporter, the suspect, Cesar Sayoc is the son of a Puerto Rican immigrant with a long arrest record for making bomb threats, petty theft, grand theft, battery, drug possession, and domestic violence. Some of these offenses would appear to be felonies and yet until 2016, after years of being registered as a Democrat, he changed his registration to Republican — something peculiar in a state that bars felons from voting. He had worked as a male stripper and likely was misusing steroids as he had been charged in 2004 with ‘felony possession of testosterone-based steroids’ in a case which was dismissed.”

Then there was his Twitter account. Apparently he only followed 32 people, including Lena Dunham, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel and “comedian”/Trump hater John Oliver. All vehement Lefties. Of course, Twitter quickly erased his presence.

Then there is this: how did he manage to get most of his packages delivered on the same day? Why were there no postmarks, canceled stamps and how did it get through without enough postage? The Soros and CNN packages appear to have been hand delivered. How did he work that?

His family said he lived in his van. How did he get the money for all this, plus the money to get the full custom window decals? They had to be designed, produced and installed. They weren’t just bumper stickers put on it.

How did the decals not fade in the full Florida sun?
Surprising that in that Democrat haven no one ever keyed or attacked his van.

Why wasn’t the van stopped by police? The decals precluded a driver from seeing out any windows. Surely a policeman would have pulled him over for this and then seen his record.

Why was FBI director Chris Wray saying that the bombs were not fake? Other accounts say they were. Does anyone trust the FBI anymore? Sayoc must have been on their radar because they found him rather quickly.

If Sayoc knew the bombs were false, why did he send them?
And they were sent to people who don’t open their own mail.
If Sayoc had the IQ of a 15 year old, did someone put him up to doing this?

Don’t forget, this happened in Broward County, which is represented by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and is the home of Sheriff Israel, the dedicated Democrat who let the school shooter get by and then dallied when the massacre started.
Wasn’t this exactly what the media was looking for two weeks before a vital election? It fits the bill perfectly of their idea of a Republican – violent, Trump supporting and insane.

It also takes attention away from the caravan headed our way and the anger over the Kavanaugh hearings. even alleges that former employers say Sayoc never worked for them. That they have uncovered a possible CIA front company and say a WaPo editor and Daily Beast writer followed his Twitter account.

There is a fog of information out there about him. It’s all too convenient to pin it on him.

Since the murders at the synagogue, this story will probably go the way of the Las Vegas shooter. It, too, never was fully answered by the FBI, local law officials or the DOJ.

Just be careful about believing a too convenient story.

The crew at Powerline had fun publishing these images about the story:

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