Voter Fraud Addressed

Worried about voter fraud in tomorrow’s election?

You may enjoy reading this twitter thread by “draw and strike.”

And so it begins….

Investigation Underway Into Alleged Failed Hack By Democratic Party of Georgia …
11:42 AM – Nov 4, 2018

Remember when Thomas Wictor pointed out that vote fraud is now being handled by FEDERAL AGENCIES working together, it’s NOT a state issue being handled by the locals any more?
Trump started a ‘Vote Fraud’ panel, everybody screamed about it, he disbanded it.


Like they were supposed to.

While they were napping, guess what happened?

Vote fraud was given to DHS, the FBI & other federal agencies PARTNERING TOGETHER.
Those partnered federal agencies have been *quietly* cleaning up/spotting a lot of the vote fraud that went on in 2016. They know what was done, where it was done and who was doing it.

So THIS time, they are LYING IN WAIT FOR THEM.
“Only 19 foreign nationals!” the media cried. Way to miss the point. Fed. agencies working together in a new partnership was the big news here.

Coordinating together. Learning about the past fraud & getting ready to check new fraud.

Nineteen Foreign Nationals Charged for Voting in 2016 Election

Remember how the media trumpeted that the Trump vote fraud commission didn’t find all that much vote fraud and was then disbanded?

Report: Trump commission did not find widespread voter fraud

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The now-disbanded voting integrity commission launched by the Trump administration uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud, according to an analysis o…

Well there are several different KINDS of vote fraud. And ways to facilitate mass vote fraud.

And tampering with the state’s voter registration system by cyber-hack is a new way of doing it.

Got a close race coming up? A couple thousand new registered Dem voters appear!
There are several places in this country where the # of registered voters now exceeds the voting age population of those areas.

Gee, how’d that happen?

Well it’s simple. A whole lot of registered Democratic voters are being created out of thin air. Then proxies vote as them.
You think people didn’t spot how this was being done? Everybody knew. But see, vote fraud is a LOCAL STATE MATTER, don’t ‘cha know? The locals handle it, find nothing, everybody shrugges and moves on.

Well not any more.
Well there’s a new Federal sheriff in town. The Dems & Media *missed* what happened after that Trump vote fraud panel was disbanded.

b scott @bscottnewskona
Replying to @drawandstrike

“The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, also called the Voter Fraud Commission, was a Presidential Commission established by Donald Trump that ran from May 11, 2017 to January 3, 2018” then transferred to Federal Agency partners due to uncooperative states.
2:15 PM – Nov 4, 2018

“transferred to federal partners” and then….radio silence for months.

Then an announcement in NC where they indicted a grand total of…19 people. The Dems/DNC media gigglesnorted and turned their attention elsewhere.
Understand what happened here: vote fraud is no longer a STATE matter. It’s federal. And the feds under Jeff Sessions have been busy.

The usual tricks are not going to work. How many years did the Dem party in GA and elsewhere get away with adding fake D voters to the rolls, then sending proxies to the polls to vote as those fake D’s?
This problem has been highlighted for some time:

Ghost Voters | National Review
It’s past time to exorcise ghost voters from the rolls.
Look at those figures. Some will try to tell you these are mostly DEAD PEOPLE who simply haven’t been removed from the voting rolls yet.

Sure, bro…..

Back in 2017 when that article was written, the big # of over registrations in GA was already getting attention.

Everybody knew WHAT was going on. What was needed was people with some SPINE to get in there and stop the fraud.

Well, that’s happened now. Trump has unleashed THESE people.

That’s not Obama in the WH any more and that’s not some flunky of his running DHS or these other fed. agencies.

When something is spotted, actions is going to be taken.

Tricks Dems engaged in to keep states from flipping red are going to be unmasked, prosecuted.


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