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This comment on a blog about the election caught my eye. He/she has an interesting perspective after yesterday’s election:

The key takeaway is that there are too many with loyalties to something else other than the country and the core community. In fact the community is now an amalgam of groups selling their constituencies to the party who directs the most taxpayer funds their way. The last thing on their minds is the USA. Its all self interest.

The skill of the democrats is to play on, enhance and put to the fore the self interest of these groups by recognizing them and saying that only the dems “FEEL” their individual issues, hence gender neutral toilets, sex-change surgery, hispanic caucuses and so on. Then they paint Trump as the guy who will take away that recognition and reduce these groups to just another unknown sub-group of Americans.

The reps actively sought to reduce this dependency. Alas those “other constituencies” are now large enough to overwhelm what “WAS” America.

There is now a new America. A disappointingly corrupt America that rewards and recognizes fringe dwellers at the expense of the whole. Such a system cannot last long. Things will not end well.

I hope that last sentence is not true, but a lot of the rest is. This is part of the reason we lost the House last night.

But there were many more factors than that.

One of which is the approximately 45 retirements that our members decided on last year. That’s a good chunk of the House and it hurts when we don’t have incumbents in that many races.

We were outspent as well by about $300 million that didn’t come from the strapped DNC, but from their super rich Leftist Daddy Warbucks like Soros and Tom Steyer. That hurt. So much for the party of the little guy.

Then we didn’t get our people out. In Shelby County, Democrats really made an effort and 50% of Memphians voted – pretty extraordinary. That was replicated in other blue areas.

The Dems used fear as well. Oh, they decried it as a tactic our side uses, but they harnessed it and rode it to victory. They always portray our side as discriminatory and greedy which allows their constituents to feel good about their own social justice stance. So many young people are obsessed with identity politics. They want to be sure you know they like gays, immigrants, minorities or whatever category you come up with because it means they are superior.

Another tactic they employed was using a third party to be a Republican spoiler. Several races were hurt by that. It works. Why don’t we ever try it on them?

Voter fraud played into the election, too. There were many accounts of funny business at the polls which new governors in Florida, Georgia and Abbott in Texas need to go after with a fury. And isn’t it suspicious that at 11:45 Central time voters in Nevada were still standing in line to vote. Who bused them in? Who were they?

We need to be more activist. I’m not sure it’s good that RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is staying. She touted a good get out the vote, but facts don’t show it.

Health care hurt us. Even though President Trump stated it repeatedly in his rallies, the Dems successfully told people that Reps were going to take away pre-existing conditions in health care. I know this was true as a friend in Missouri repeated that very phrase about Josh Hawley. I tried to disabuse her, but it was alarming that a Republican leaning voter would latch onto that lie. It had been propagandized.

Still, it wasn’t as bad a loss as most midterms for the party in charge. Retaking the House is doable in 2020, especially with President Trump on the ticket.

And, as in everything, the Dems will overreach. They always do. It’s in the DNC DNA. Impeachment will mesmerize them and they won’t be able to resist attempting it. That will be a turnoff and motivator for voters. It probably helps Trump tremendously in 2020 as he’ll be able to contrast their ridiculous efforts with his focus on plans that put the good of the country first.

One last comment. Fox News was despicable first in cutting of Rush Limbaugh’s speech at Monday night’s big rally. Then, they called the House for the Dems before polls even closed in the Western states. I did not watch them, but followed tallies on websites and twitter. The network I did tune into later was One America News. Their commentary was sharp and they presented the facts as they knew them.

I had intended to subscribe to Fox Nation. After this stunt I won’t. I imagine many more feel like I do.
Tune into OAN. It’s 347 on Direct TV. They showed last night why they should eventually dethrone Fox News.

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