Was There a Red Wave?

Given the hijinks going on almost a week after the polls closed – with votes still being found – the integrity of the election has to be in doubt.

We were told there was going to be a blue wave of Democrats voting. Was there? Before election day we were told that many states saw a record Republican early vote. This trend should have carried over on Tuesday.

Florida appeared to be a GOP win in the Senate and governor races. It seemed we were doing well until the Western states started showing tallies. That’s when Fox News jumped the gun and declared Dems had won the House.

In Montana, where Matt Rosendale had been leading incumbent Democrat (and much loathed) Senator Jon Tester, the last bit of ballots swung the race to Tester. That was a surprise.

In Nevada, polls had put incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller ahead of his rival, “Wacky Jackie.” Then we find out that in the cities, people are still standing in line to vote at 11 p.m. – long after they should have closed. Who brought busloads of “voters” to the polls that late? Want to make any bets?

A bunch of California Republican House seats looked safe – a few were even declared winners – until later when new votes, again, magically threatened the seats. They are still outstanding seats to be determined!

In New Mexico, 8,000 ballots were just found in a warehouse. Of course, they swung the election to the Democrat.

In Georgia, the governor candidate loser Stacey Abrams decided she’d do everything to see the final vote recounted. She may get her way. I believe she and the Dems claim votes are still out there, too.

Then Florida has defied every bit of integrity with the governor and Senate recounts in two counties. Supervisors of election in both Palm Beach and Broward have flat out defied the law. Will they get by with it?

If there had been a blue wave, none of this would have been necessary. It makes you wonder if there was a red wave and it’s being suppressed.

You wonder, too, if the blue wave narrative by the media, which began more than a year ago, was to set the stage for fraud. They wanted a self fulfilling prophecy. If anyone doubted the validity of the seats gained, media/Dems could point to the blue wave plan.

The Dems are much more cunning than we are. They planned this “win” right after the 2016 election, just as the DOJ/FBI gang had a backup “insurance” plan if Trump won. You can bet that they have a plan for the next two years that has been in progress since then, too.

Our side should have checked for fraud. We were naive to trust the states and areas where Dems are in control.

Will the DOJ take a look? How can we ever have faith that votes will be fairly tallied?

How can we assure that we can win again?

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