Explaining the Arizona Loss

You would think it would be easy to win the Senate seat in Arizona. After all, the citizens there rejected RINO Jeff Flake, who had an 18% approval. Surely if voters rejected liberal Flake, they would reject a liberal Democrat.

Besides, the state has had Republican governors running it for decades. That must mean something, right? They would keep an eye out on cheating, you would think.

Check the incorrect box on all of the above.

How did this happen?

A writer from Arizona explains:

I am torn on this one, not so much that the Dims cheated, and I am sure they did, but the fact that the mailers they sent out were meant to confuse the uneducated voters.

I admit that when I got the first one I was sure that McSally was a Dimacrat. The ad laid out a convincing argument that she was against all conservative issues. And to top it off there was no mention of either party, it just portrayed McSally as the Democratic candidate.

Then I got 3 to 4 a week with the same message until the election, If I wasn’t up to speed, I would not have voted for her.

The fact is that the Dims are upping their game, and using the ignorance of the average voter to their advantage.

And another adds: “No. How about this. Kick Kelli Ward and every other loser to the curb. Start trying to find some better candidates. My God, look at the two senators Arizona just had. Flake and McCain. Were there two worse in any state in the union? Look at the candidates in the election we’re talking about right now. A left-wing nut and a total dud that beat the other two Republicans in a primary. Candidates matter. How you run a race matters. The Arizona Republican party is a disgrace. How about the citizens of Arizona clean out the Arizona Republican Party, so we can get somebody who can identify some better candidates.”

All true, but there was cheating as this Arizona relates:

I just talked to a friend about it…we have lived in Az for over 25 years and he didn’t know about it!
Maricopa County is 60% of the State population. Mail in ballots are 75% of the voting here according to articles. Mail in ballots had to be sent no later than Nov. 2 (Fri).

“The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office offered “emergency voting” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Monday for voters who could not make it to the polls on Election Day. The Recorder’s Office said it allowed VOTERS to determine what constitutes an emergency.” So, mail in ballot are stopped on Friday–so they claimed Emergency Voting for Maricopa County for whoever came in–no questions asked—there was no “Emergency” last weekend!

Then the ” Washington Free Beacon reported that the Arizona Republican Party filed a lawsuit on Wednesday targeting a rule in two counties, Maricopa and Pima, that allows voters to “fix issues with the ballots ” up to five days after the election.
John Kyl is speaking out about it. “And voting laws in our state should be applied uniformly across the map. Unfortunately, the Democrats legal strategy sounds an awful like an effort to disenfranchise voters from 11 counties from rural parts of our state and that’s troubling”.
Then the comment about Fontes (Recorder) –who mixed the ballots that had “irregularities” and the inconsistent method” to rehabilitate ballots”.

Talk about a mess! Did the Dems steal it–looks like it to me! And yup, I live in one of those 11 counties that didn’t get special emergency voting!

Do we get to just say—Arizona is now officially a Banana Republic.

When will our people act offensively and pre-emptively on these elections? We let them cheat, we let them introduce third party stealers and we let them define our candidates and voters.

I still think it was possible that a red wave occurred. It just got stopped by cheating.

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