Just in Time for Christmas

A friend sent me this video:

The Dallas News says:

Inside a Dallas warehouse are stacks and stacks of Trumpy Bears — great American grizzlies, teddy bears who fear nothing.

Trumpy Bear, a teddy bear designed with a shock of blond hair and bushy eyebrows like President Donald Trump’s, has been on the market since 2017, but it has become a sensation this week because of a Twitter post that went viral.

A lot of people have wondered whether the widely shared commercial is a spoof, but its creators say Trumpy Bear is not a joke. It’s a real product, sold by a real Dallas-based company, Exceptional Products Inc.
Many people hadn’t heard of the bear sooner because a lot of TV stations declined to run the ad, saying it was overly political, according to Elliott Bracket, vice president of Exceptional Products.

“This particular one we ran on local Fox in New York City, and somebody that had a really large Twitter following tweeted this out, and that’s what sort of set the wildfire again,” he said.

Trumpy Bear may be based in Dallas, but its inventor is a New Jersey woman, V.L. Lange, who says she designed the bear in Trump’s image after he was elected.

“I felt it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our new Commander and Chief [sic],” Lange, who declined to be interviewed, said in a written statement.

“This iconic bear should be viewed as the symbol that anyone can run for president of this great country of ours,” her statement read. “The weight of the responsibilities that come with the presidency can be a burden that I, for one, could never endure.”

You might not want to give it to any children of snowflakes.

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