Another Reason to Like OAN

While Fox News sides with CNN and joins the Acosta suit against the White House, One America News does the opposite.

OAN CEO Robert Herring tweeted, “1) WE are going to file in the CNN vs White House court an Amicus Brief in favor of the White House. Acosta’s actions are stopping our people from getting their questions answered, so that we can give our audience the real news direct from our President.

“(2) Can’t believe Fox is on the other side, but they have direct communication to the President. We are lucky if we get a five minute interview once a quarter.”

Smart move.

One America News is much more conservative than Fox News. They also cover much more international news.
They have opinion shows in the evening (all conservative) and file some good stories from their White House correspondents and others.

With a lot of Fox’s audience disenchanted with some of their anchors and reporting, One America News has the opportunity to go and get these dissatisified viewers.
The network is available on Channel 347 on Direct TV.

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