Winner Now Loser Thanks to IRV

Yesterday this website ran a story about a Congressional seat in Maine. Because of Instant Runoff Voting, the Republican, who had the most votes, has now lost.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Democrat candidate Jared Golden was just announced the winner of Maine’s 2nd Congressional district after an algorithm decided the race.

As previously reported, Republican Congressman for Maine’s 2nd district, Bruce Poliquin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Maine’s Secretary of State to stop an algorithm from deciding the election in his race against Democrat opponent Jared Golden.

Congressman Bruce Poliquin pointed out that Maine has a long history of plurality winners in its elections.

Poliquin also argued against an algorithm deciding the Maine election in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“This system only adds additional cost to taxpayers, creates overwhelming confusion for our citizens, and is ripe for mishandling and unlawful electioneering actions, as evidenced already,” Poliquin wrote on Facebook. “Mainers deserve better than their money being wasted, their frustrations growing, and their sacred right of voting being manipulated.”

Thursday, the race was called for Democrat Jared Golden after the algorithms decided in his favor.

A reader from Australia writes, “We have it in Australia and it is called preferential voting. It is a nightmare. For example It resulted in preference deals allowing a senator (Ricky Muir Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party) to be elected with only 0.53% of the primary vote (a direct vote for the candidate). It is subject to backroom deals where major parties can claim the smaller parties votes. Typically the Green’s (and other loony parties) preferences go to bolster the Labor party (equivalent to Dems). Be careful not to add another corrupt arrow to the democrat’s bow.”

Well we just did in Memphis.

All the attachments the Democrats successfully put on voting, such as early voting, motor voter laws, no need for ID, provisional ballots, etc. just water down the vote of registered Americans. They also know that once these things are made into law they are very hard to remove.

I wonder what the vote tallies would be if we had only absentee voting and voting on election day by ID’d citizens. I do not believe it would be the same as the current voting and Republicans are the losers.

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