CA’s Unceasing Propaganda

Whether it’s throwing doubt on elections here, as in today’s front page story suggesting Brian Kelsey did not win his seat, or the intimations that Republicans are corrupt throughout the government, the CA doesn’t take a breath – ever – in its race to turn the city and country into a Democrat/Socialist/Progressive haven.

Sometimes the effort is inadvertently humorous as in a story on page 4 today entitled “Memphis aid for released migrants growing, spreading.” You know they’re on the side of illegal immigrants because every story concerning one is all sympathy and violins, never about drug or human trafficking, murder or criminal activity.

This one today must be read aloud so that all the humor in the over the top drama can be appreciated. Here it is, complete with parenthetical comments by me to bring it back down to reality.

A brown paper bag shortage sent Lee Coleman, 42, on a (should be ‘an’) impromptu Kroger run. After winding his way through frenzied holiday shoppers scouting for last minute ingredients, he secured the crucial (?!) bags and dashed back to First Congo (Memphis’ home for Obama’s favorite organization, ACORN), where volunteers were making ham and cheese sandwiches (what about vegetarian/vegans? Seems a little politically incorrect, doesn’t it?).
The sandwiches are bound for Memphis’ Greyhound terminal, where dozens of migrants, the majority of them recently released from detention centers along the southern U.S. border, will be passing through Memphis (going where, doing what?).
The Commercial Appeal first reported the story of the spontaneously formed aid group, Migration is Beautiful, in early November. The Central American migrants, many fleeing gang violence in Honduras and Guatemala (how do they know this?), had been coming through Memphis since early October.

At first, Coleman said, it was just a handful of people scrambling to take care of migrants, who all arrived hungry and without warm clothing to protect them through their chilly travels.
But then, Coleman said, the Memphis Feminist Collective and Comunidades Unidas en Una Voz, two grassroots groups (probably fed with Soros money) with two different focuses, stepped in to help. (Wait a minute, I thought this was a spontaneously formed group.)
“That’s when things really started to pick up,” Coleman noted. “Those groups have a big reach, and that’s when we started seeing a lot of supplies roll in.” (For a “grassroots,” “spontaneous group” they sure know how to connect, don’t they?)
After that, Migration is Beautiful went from a few volunteers trying to meet basic needs for migrants, to an infrastructure that informally but effectively (kudos and self congratulations all you Social Justice Warriors, because it’s really about you anyhow!) organizes the growing list of volunteers (and fellow SJWs eager to get in on the feel goods) and supplies that are steadily arriving at First Congo.

Volunteer groups, following Memphis’ lead, also came together in Nashville and Knoxville. Similar informal aid groups were already running in Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC, among other large cities. (And who wants to bet many of them got ballots to fill out in counties all over the country, all voting for Democrats and all coming at such an unusually timely event like elections!)

“I think we hit the right point at the right time (bingo!),”Coleman said. “With everything going on in the climate of immigration (read the dastardly Trump administration!), people just wanted to do something to help (Democrats win key seats).”

If you think all that is hooey, the next bit is subheaded “The Reichstag is burning.” Here’s what was next:

Back in the makeshift headquarters of the aid group, volunteers winding their way through towering stacks of clothing and hygiene items, confirmed Coleman’s theory. (What theory is that, by the way? Defying the law is what the U.S. is all about?)
“I came from a country that killed 10 million people,” said Jutta Jacobs.
Jacobs, 72, was born in post World War II Germany (thus he/she is an expert. I was born post WWII, too, am I an expert?). The Trump administration’s immigration policies are an (? ‘a’) haunting deja vue for her. (Interesting as she was too young to remember any of that. If she survived, was she not a Jew and were her parents involved in the Nazi side?)
“The Reichstag is burning,” said Jacobs, referring to the infamous act of arson by a lone Communist in 1933 that would give Adolf Hitler the pretext to advance the Nazi party. (Seriously? The only connection visible is that today’s American Communists are trying to light a bonfire over immigration here to take down our nation and make it their Progressive ideal state – and that’s not a democratic one.)

Jacobs believes a similar potential environment is already brewing in the U.S. Aiding migrants passing through is a hands on involvement that gives Jacobs some small sense of resisting what she sees as another xenophobic administration rising to power. (The CA should be ashamed to promote such dangerous drivel. There is not much about this story that is fact except for the handing out of sandwiches. The rest is not reporting. It’s indoctrinating.)

“They killed 6 million Jews and 4 million others,” Jacobs said. “My country did that (is he/she still German?), my people did that. And, I will do anything, anything to prevent it from happening again.” (Are there people going to concentration camps here? Have we declared war on anyone? Are the laws not meant to be followed for the good of the U.S.?)
Another volunteer, Kathleen Meier, agreed.
“What can an individual do?” asked Meier, a retired nurse. “Maybe you make some sandwiches. It’s one small way to reduce the horror.” (What horror? Let me stop laughing a minute to continue, but then
I’ll save you a few paragraphs and skip to the boffo ending.)
Coleman said, “One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned through all of this? There’s never enough sandwiches. Never enough.”

After you stop rolling on the floor, you have to consider why these people think our laws don’t matter. If they want change, they will have to elect people to convert the country into a third world country. In the meantime, ethical people understand that in a democracy we all agree to adhere to the will of the people.

As it is now, the people have said they want an end to the open borders that let in unvetted people, many of whom want to harm us.

These SJWs just want to revel in their own self admiration. Unfortunately, they have a media only to happy to assist and that only shows one side.

What about the victims of crimes done by these migrants? Or the displaced workers who can’t compete with slave labor? Or the heavy tax burdens on cities that already can’t help their own?

It’s sad that the CA gave so much space to this ridiculous, one sided story. But then, again, a Progressive’s job is never done, is it?

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