Election Reflections

We are fortunate that Cindy Hyde Smith won the Senate election in Mississippi. She had a difficult competitor in Mike Espy, since the Dems love to play the race card, particularly in the South. Her gaffes about attending hangings and supposed attraction to the Confederacy alleged by the media, didn’t help either.

Glad that the Republicans and independents in Mississippi saw through those ploys.

In our own state election Nov. 6, the GOP’s Don Johnson shared these two maps of the Memphis vote on Twitter. They are quite depressing.

He also notes, “The continued GOP decline in Cordova is hard to watch. Seeing all that blue in East Mem and the north edge of Bartlett on the Sen map isn’t fun either. Indy candidates siphoned votes from Dean in the urban core areas so he got in the 80%s in many boxes where Bredesen got 90%.”

It’s bad enough that we are afflicted with liberal/Democrat disease in Midtown, but the red parts of the county always helped balance that out. Now we’re looking at a much worse map.

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