Letter Spanks CA

Amazingly, there was an excellent letter to the editor in this morning’s otherwise worthless rag of a newspaper.

Amazingly because they don’t like to highlight much coming from the conservative side.

The headline they gave it was “Check for real bias in vote count.” It was an answer to an infuriating story they ran late in November. Here it is:

The Nov. 24 headline (“Accounting firm backs Republicans and verifies vote count”) and front page narrative gives readers the impression that the Watkins Uiberall partner who donates to Republican candidates and is active in campaigns was closely involved in verifying the Nov. 6 election vote count, thereby suggesting possible bias in the count. Unfortunately, that was misleading.
In fact, this partner was not involve with this project, and the audit firm was not at all involved with vote count. As clarified by Shelby County Election Commission officials, the audit firm was there to confirm that the procedures and processes that Watkins Uiberall had established prior to the election – at the request of the Shelby County Election Commission – were in fact followed. The Election Commission used the audit report to establish confidence that the work to confirm counts was proper.
A better headline would have been “Election Commission uses audit firm controls to ensure vote count quality.” Perhaps you should have investigated the political activity and contributions of Shelby County Election Commission employees to determine if bias in real vote counting was possible.

But that would have meant doing actual reporting instead of propagandizing.

We had better watch our vote counting scrupulously. The Democrats bend every rule they can and in the House election were successful in snagging seats that really weren’t theirs.

I am greatly disappointed in the RNC for not pursuing the fraudulent voting in California and elsewhere and with the Republicans in the House who squandered their majority and ignored this issue from as long ago as 2001 – the Florida vote fiasco.

We will continue to get railroaded unless this is stopped.

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