Bad News for Hannity

Or is it?

This morning’s attempt at a newspaper carried a story on the People in the News segment on page 2. It was very ominous: “Bad headlines for Trump also means ratings slump for Hannity.”

It reads, “The drumbeat of bad news for President Donald Trump hasn’t been good for his most prominent backer in the media.”

Hold on there. There is a drumbeat of bad news in the liberal cable and print media. There always has been. This is nothing new. Since January 21st, 2017, every sneeze Trump has had gets portrayed as dire for his future. He can’t call kids at Christmas or visit the troops in Iraq without it being some kind of existential crisis, according to them. Nothing he ever does, short of resign, will please them.

They don’t like to report on the jobs numbers, particularly ones that show black and Hispanic Americans are doing better than they have in decades. They don’t report on soaring consumer confidence. They don’t like to report on any foreign policy that benefits Trump, such as the thaw with North Korea, trade success with removing NAFTA, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, etc.

They ignore, too, that at this point in his presidency, Barack Obama’s poll numbers were lower than Trump’s. And you know that there is a lot of spin in the calculation. Obama’s were puffed up, while Trump’s are deflated.

It continues, “While Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity will end 2018 as cable news’ most popular personality for the second year in a row, he’s been slumping in the ratings since the midterm elections and ominous stories related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the president.”

So being the most popular cable personality two years in a row is a sign of trouble? How does that happen?

They also neglect to mention that we’ve just been through a big holiday season. Hannity took off at Thanksgiving – as did most others – and he always takes a two week vacation at Christmas/New Year’s. Shows don’t get good ratings at holiday times; people are too busy to watch/listen and substitute hosts always lose audiences.

As for the Mueller investigation, has there been any mention at all that President Trump did something wrong? The whole Russia hoax has been disproved and I would reckon that most Republican voters clearly understand the tentacles of the Deep State. The DS is now common knowledge. It wasn’t five years ago. More is sure to come out on it and Hannity knows the players well. A lot of them are in the media.

“His show averaged 2.76 million viewers since the election through Dec. 17, down 19 percents compared with the previous month, the Nielsen company said,” according to the story. See above.
“Among the 25-54 year old demo most coveted by advertisers, he’s down 30 percent.”

Maybe. Even these numbers can be manipulated.

In the next two years we’ll be inundated with stories like this. You can put them in the same file as the stories on Hillary’s assured win. It’s going to be hard to get through the election, which they are starting now, and you will have to steel yourself to junk like this.

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