Dems’ 1st Day in Power a Doozy

Just One Minute Typepad’s Matt describes the first week – first two days, actually – as the circus it is:

Alexandria “I can’t afford an apartment” Ocasio Cortez and her cast of clowns are going to be interesting to watch. The NY Post is already going after her and she is already threatening the Democratic Party’s biggest donors with doubling their taxes.

Hank Johnson is still trying to find out if Guam has capsized while calling for impeachment and the nutter from Tennessee wants to eliminate the Electoral College while others are moving for impeachment. All. on. day. one.

The Circus is in town!

Ladies and gerbils, step this way to the Midway! A mere Semolian will gain you access to the Greatest Clown Show on Earth, formerly known as the U.S. House. See the Jabbering Jihadis! The Bearded Lady! The Speaker who talks in tongues! Watch as Members commit feats of strength and air their grievances! Watch as Alexandria Ocasio Cortex wrestles Nancy Pelosi on the House Floor!

Popcorn!! Peanuts!!! Get ya Red Hots!!

And folks, enjoy the show!

I like another rendering of AOC’s name – Alexandria Occasional Cortex.
Surely we can come up with a better tag for Cohen than “the nutter from Tennessee.” The writer obviously doesn’t even remember his name because Cohen is so beneath the radar. We Memphians can be proud of such leadership!

The writer doesn’t even get to the Congresswoman who screamed “impeach the motherf—er” or Romney’s sanctimonious op-ed. He’s supposedly one of us, but who could tell?

Whatever you think about Trump, he provides a clarity into the District of Corruption we haven’t had since George Washington. He is able to unmask our “leaders” by getting them to do it to themselves.

Two years in and we continue to understand our government. Was it better not knowing and believing we had a constitutional republic, or knowing now that we’re losing it. At least we have a chance to fight.

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