Ominous Ruling for Seniors

Think you’re OK with your own health plan and medical savings account, seniors? Would you like to keep getting Social Security? Would you like to repay all your previous Social Security benefits to keep your health care?

It’s not a far fetched development, according to Kent Masterson Brown, an attorney for plaintiffs who didn’t want to enroll in Medicare because they had their own savings and health insurance programs they preferred.

Brown writes in the New York Post:  “In a case where I served as chief attorney for the plaintiffs, Judge Collyer allowed to stand three internal rules of the Social Security Administration that make receipt of Social Security retirement benefits contingent upon enrollment in Medicare. Plus, a person who withdraws from Medicare would not only have to give up Social Security retirement benefits, but repay all benefits previously received…None of the plaintiffs sought to get any of their Medicare taxes back; they simply don’t want to enroll in Medicare – but do desire their Social Security retirement benefits.”

The government is going to find a way to make you accept Obamacare is the bottom line.  They have to have enough people in the system to make Obamacare work monetarily. The administration now has more than a thousand exemptions; if seniors aren’t involved the whole thing will collapse.

Brown notes “the practical effect of the ruling is ominous… More immediately, whether they want it or not, seniors will  be forced into Medicare, a program that even Judge Collyer asserts ‘may bankrupt all of us.’ Indeed, she also noted, rightly, that people on Medicare are not reated as well in hospitals as those with private insurance.”

Shockingly, this judge ignores that ex post facto laws are forbidden in the Constitution. In other words, you can’t be penalized for past actions that were done under a different set of legal conditions.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped Democrats from ignoring the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act either.

Read the whole article, “Entitled to Chains” at chains_tqyOh9TXW49SLG5XWS3Ky]

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