Chuck Norris, Eat My Dust

The jokes about how tough Chuck Norris is are legion, but Rick Perry is challenging that record. Take a look at postings at!rickperryfacts. Here’s just a sample:
“As president, Rick Perry will protect the Secret Service.
Rick Perry recruited Walker, Texas Ranger.
Rick Perry wore cowboy boots and Levi’s when he beat Carl Lewis in the 100 meter dash.
Rick Perry was originally slated to play Leo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic, but was fired because everyone know he would have saved everyone.
Spilled milk cries over Rick Perry.
Darth Vader wishes he was Rick Perry’s father.
The state of Texas has a bumper sticker on its truck that says ‘Don’t mess with Rick Perry.’
Rick Perry doesn’t run for the presidency, he pile drives it into submission.
An Eagle Scout, Rick Perry can start a fire with dental floss and water.
Rick Perry secretly discovered the Higgs Boson 32 years ago. He was unimpressed.
Rick Perry can lead a horse to water and make it read his emails out loud.
The teleprompter reads off Rick Perry.
Rick Perry’s X rays come back red, white and blue.
Rick Perry can strangle you with a cordless phone.
Remember when Pluto was a planet? Rick Perry took care of that mistake.
Rick Perry’s amateur medical advice is still better than Obama’s health care plan.
Amateur medical advice? Rick Perry delivered himself as a baby.
Fred Flintstone gives his kids Rick Perry vitamins.
Chuck Norris is only afraid of one man – Rick Perry.”

And there’s lots more where those came from – check it out for a laugh.

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