Zig Zag Zogby

This morning I received the latest IBOPEZogby poll. As always, it is a weird experience to take one of their polls.

They are never worded in a way that makes your answer quite what you want it. When the answers are already given, how can it be valid? They have always seemed to shape the answers to make you feel on the end of a political spectrum rather than as a thoughtful voter.

Anyhow, after the questions about who you are demographically, it went on to ask your feelings about President Obama. Very unfavorable. That was easy.

Next it asked for your choice for Republican primary candidate. Perry, that was easy, too. Match-ups between every candidate and Obama, another easy, but tedious answering.

Then, as always with Zogby, up pops a red herring. This time it was about music and music training. Do I like music? Now, really, who doesn’t? Then about musical training and children. Hmm. Is this a distraction? Will I finish the poll with different answers after questions on unrelated topics? Is that the thinking behind it?

Anytime someone admonishes you that a poll is a completely valid reflection of Americans’ minds you have to wonder.

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