Words and Phrases Heard This Week

Dominionists has to be the most important word bandied around this week. Why? It is a clue to the Obama reelection strategy.

It was used in a New York Times magazine story yesterday by Bill Keller entitled “Asking Candidates Tougher Questions About Faith.” He uses the term to suggest that Republican candidates, in particular Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, adhere to the belief that “the pre Civil War South (was) a pretty nice place for slaves and who advocate the view that Christians and only Christians should preside over earthly instructions.”

In Dominionists you get the double whammy of racism and religious zealotry. It doesn’t matter that they don’t believe this, the charge alone will scare off voters. Mr. Keller responded quickly to the Obama campaign’s plan for the road to victory not by accomplishments but by annihilating your opponents. Look for this word to pop up frequently in future months.

Hurricane Irene and the Obama vacation brought us “vacation junkie” and “helicopter president.” The former refers to the First Lady, who the Daily Mail suggested is so addicted to glamorous sorties complete with the perks of top hotels and expensive beverages, that she is a vacation junkie. Helicopter president is a take off on Helicopter Ben, as the Fed Chairman has been called. He swoops in to try to save the markets; the president swooped in to try to take care of the hurricane preparations, although it, like his false concern, were duds.

What is your “pitchfork factor” was a question raised on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog. As he describes it, a pitchfork factor is a measurement of “how vulnerable you are during this decade plus of turmoil until things settle down again.” For instance, what will make you take up a pitchfork: the seizure of assets and/or imprisonment; gangs, mafia or militas; riots, destruction and looting? I guess this will be clearer as time progresses.

“Minor attracted individuals” has to be one of the slickest ways to say pedophile yet. However, it’s the term psychiatrists in the group “Before You Act” want to be used. They say “it’s time to change the way our society views individuals who have a physical attraction to children…Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor attracted people inflames the fears of minor attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of MAP on the issue of child sexual abuse.” Maybe that’s your opinion if the MAP is a client. If the victim is your child, I bet SPB (sick pervert bastard) would more readily spring to mind.

I don’t remember who described the media as Obama’s “reputational bodyguard” but it fits. Also humorous was this change in the letters of cable channel MSNBC. MSDNC – now that’s more like it.

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