Is Politico Dumb?

Yesterday Politico ran a headline story called “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” The headline got a lot of attention from supporters, detractors and political junkies.

Quoting someone referring to Perry as “George Bush without brains,” Jonathan Martin went on to outline all the possible deficiencies of the surging Republican candidate.

Turnabout is fair play as they say. So here goes my column, “Is Politico Dumb?”

Is it true that Politico writers Jonathan Martin, Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei have been contacted to play Moe, Curley and Larry in a new Stooges remake?

Is it true that White House press secretary Jay Carney is really a ventriloquist’s dummy?

Is it true that Michelle Obama’s middle name is Antoinette?

Is it true that the smarter the speaker the more teleprompters he needs? If so, President Obama’s IQ must be off the charts.

Is it true that a monkey spins a wheel at the Labor Department to determine how many jobs have been gained each month?

Is it dumb or brilliant to pack a million dollar campaign bus aboard Air Force One and then pretend to be on it for campaign stops?

Is it true that Rick Perry having been an Air Force pilot can’t even back his car out of the driveway?

Is this the kind of question we can expect from a highly regarded internet political website?

Unfortunately, it probably is.

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