Will Palin Back Perry?

Lately I’ve had the feeling that Sarah Palin does not plan on running for the presidency in 2012. If she were sure enough about it to run, she would have announced last month at the latest. From a practical standpoint she’d need to start raising enough money for the primary election.

Secondly, she likes to surprise her critics. Remember when she shocked everyone by announcing she was stepping down from the governorship? Palin has always been one to enjoy tweaking the media especially when it comes to their assumptions about her and other conservatives. It is irresistible to her as it shows up their ignorance and reveals their bias.

Like John Fund, who recently wrote in Newsmax that he didn’t think she’d run, I think of what she told Greta Van Susteran a while back: “If nobody else were to step up with the solutions that are needed” she would run. Well, our Republican field has plenty of people with solutions she agrees with. One in particular – Rick Perry.

They are both governors of big, oil producing states. People around them say they bonded at conferences they attended. Take a look at this video from Team Palin. Notice that Palin shakes hands and poses for photos with a girl and her friends wearing one candidate’s T-shirt.

Fund says Palin’s videographers are too careful to have let that stay accidentally.

At 47 Palin has plenty of time to run again. Perry could help her get some credentials by naming her to a Cabinet or other important post. Right now Palin is not polling that well and needs to bolster her brand with some more experience.

We’ll find out soon what her final decision really is.

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