Candidates React to Speech

What did the GOP primary field think of President Obama’s speech on jobs?

John Vaught LaBeaume at the Washington Examiner caught these.

Rick Perry: “America needs a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech.”
Mitt Romney tweeted “960 days late.”
Herman Cain said “We waited 30 months for this?”
Gary Johnson: “Mr. President, stop helping us to death.”
Buddy Roemer: “The president’s jobs plan will certainly create more jobs – in China.”
Newt Gingrich invited the public to join him for a Packers/Saints halftime conference call.
Michele Bachmann responded as a legislator in a press conference.
Ron Paul gave his thoughts to Piers Morgan on CNN.
Rick Santorum tweeted during the address and then went on facebook to denounce the speech as a fund raising event.

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