Obama’s Campaign – er – Economic Speech

What a fallacious, irritating crock Obama’s speech this morning was! When he got to the part where he compared himself to George Washington, it was blood pressure skyrocketing time.

Not that mine stayed low for the earlier part of the speech. It didn’t. He started off asking everyone to do their “fair share” again. Fair share? Some don’t even do any share? What is it, 49 or 51% pay no taxes? What fair share things are they doing to compensate? So where is the fair here?

Obama spoke of reforming agriculture subsidies (good-bye, Iowa?). He harped on Warren Buffett’s secretary again, saying she pays more than he does. Isn’t there one journalist out there who could track her down and look into this?

“We will make modest adjustments to federal retirement programs,” he continued. Why is it, then, that when Paul Ryan talked of pushing retirement age back in the near future, you bludgeoned him on this? It was used in every little election by Democrats since. Note to Axelrod: it hasn’t worked.

Obama said he would save money by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. OK, but isn’t the president’s number one duty to secure the defense of the nation? Did you notice he left out that little “skirmish” in Libya that is not coming to the quick conclusion he promised?

Next he took aim at Medicare and Medicaid. Obama said he would meet with the governors on this. Let me translate: I’m going to hand this over to the states and let you do the dirty work, particularly Republican governors so I can peg you as heartless. Then he also tried to wriggle out of it by saying it would be done over time. Time or not, it’s still a kick in the teeth to the sick elderly.

Obama promised to scour the budget for waste and eliminate it. Why aren’t yo doing it now? Wasn’t that Solyndra money a waste? An enormous waste?

Then he revved up his attack on the opposition. He started by recommending a “balanced approach.” The president said we could not live beyond our means. I’ll believe he means it when Michelle stops taking her $10 million tax payer funded vacations.

He then turned the fire on those who don’t want to increase taxes to the wealthy and had signed off against all tax hikes, i.e. Republicans. Obama basically said that he and we should get in their faces. It’s the same advice he gave during his campaign and which union thugs have gladly been doing for him. How else can we get Bloomberg’s promised riots next summer?

John Boehner then came into the crosshairs. He attacked the Speaker’s talk on the economy last week in which he rejected tax hikes and pushed for cuts in programs only. Obama said it would cripple our research and competitiveness, sacrifice seniors and the poor and result in more bad highways and roads. He criticized Boehner as a my way or the highway kind of guy. That is hardly a conciliatory move on his part. Besides, isn’t Boehner’s highway broken anyhow?

Obama said poor families can’t afford the lobbyists the rich have, but I beg to differ. They have no choice except to belong to unions such as the AFL-CIO, SEIU, teachers and others. Those are the richest – and most powerful lobbyists around.

At this point in the speech if you had been swigging every time he mentioned millionaires and billionaires you’d have passed out.

Obama went on to say that it shouldn’t be a choice between seniors and millionaires. Who says it does? That is a straw man argument. Besides, even if you took all the salaries of his billionaires, it wouldn’t cover our deficit. Neither would a higher tax on millionaires. The deficit is much too big for that.

This is where we got to George Washington. Obama said GW had grappled with this problem. He said Washington demanded taxes to balance the budget. He smiled and gave a little giggle delivering his lines. I guess he thinks a good portion of us will swallow that bilge and it makes him laugh at our stupidity. Unfortunately for him, most of us remembere Washington’s role in stopping taxation by fighting that little war of independence.

Obama cries out “pass this bill!” Let me counter: Pass on this bill!

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