Election Alert

Memphis city elections are set for October 6th and early voting is going on right now.

Shelby County GOP Chairman Justin Joy has forwarded a request to all Memphis Republicans. He says, “Last year Shelby County Republicans swept the county wide offices because we raised our voice and we showed up at the polls to make our voice heard. We proved that Republicans can and will win in Shelby County. We have a tremendous opportunity to keep two great conservative candidates for Memphis City Council in October, but please understand that we will not win unless we get our Republican neighbors to the polls.

Even if you live in the County, you are affected by actions taken by the Memphis City Government. Please get involved, volunteer and encourage your friends to vote. The risk of doing nothing is a step backwards!

This year the Shelby County Republican Party is endorsing two candidates for Memphis City Council: Kemp Conrad (district 9) and Bill Boyd (District 2). We need these conservatives on the Council to ensure we have some accountability in Memphis City Government. We need solid Republicans to keep our tax ate in check and to ensure we are focused on bringing business to the community. Kemp and Bill have done an outstanding job in their first terms. We need to ensure they remain on the Council, fighting for us.

Unions are the foundation of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election effort. In the City of Memphis election this year, they are working hard to defeat Kemp and place one of their own on the council. By helping Kemp defeat his union-backed opponent, we are also setting the stage for Republican victories up and down the ballot next year, from the courthouse to the White House.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. If you live in the city of Memphis and have not voted, please plan to vote tomorrow. You can vote from 10-7 Monday-Friday and from 10-4 Saturday at the White Station Church of Christ, the Agricenter, Berclair Church of Christ, and several other convenient locations around the city.

2. Encourage your friends to vote. Remind your friends that there is an election going on right now and how it affects their lives. It is as easy as forwarding an email to your contacts or giving them a quick phone call.

3. Help us remind our conservative friends to vote. If you have a few spare minutes to volunteer to make some phone calls or hand out information at the polls, please contact shelbygop.org.”

Here is Kemp Conrad’s campaign site: http://www.kempconrad.com/
Bill Boyd’s: http://boydformemphis.com/
Learn more about our candidates:
To become a facebook fan: http://www.facebook.com/shelbygop

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