Block(ed) Party

Living in Central Gardens in Midtown Memphis, we have earned the rating of 18th most fun zip code in the nation.

For instance, our block holds a yearly party. It’s the “official” block party vs. the spontaneous party such as the one last week when someone decided to fry chicken and invite the neighbors and their kids over to enjoy it. A band and its members live down the street and are also given to have impromptu wine and porch dinner parties in glorious weather. Anyhow, an e-vitation came yesterday with the day and time specifics.

The band would provide music, parents were asked to contribute to a Moon Bounce and it all sounds great. However, neighbors were asked to contribute to the $400 fee the city asks to block off the street and pay for required security guards and required insurance.

This is how far the U.S. has fallen! Neighbors can’t even plan a party without the government sticking its head in to tell us how we should do it. God forbid people just gathered from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to have some family fun! The city decides it wants a piece of the action, too. So we have to have some kind of permit so that the government can get some Benjamins.

I suppose we should be grateful that they don’t require medics to be on hand. That Moon Bounce could get dangerous! Or that we don’t have to pay some kind of liquor license since Memphians might be walking down their blocked off street with a glass of Pinot Grigio. The horror!

Today if our ancestors wanted to have a house or barn building party where people came out to build something in a day they wouldn’t be able to. Think of the licenses, inspections, EPA rules and building fees it would require.

They might have headed back to the old country.

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