Please, Sir, May I Have Another?

You’ve probably seen or heard about the former Google executive who attended President Obama’s LinkedIn event yesterday in Silicon Valley. He said he was unemployed now, but was still doing well from his previous earnings. The guy told the president he would like to have his taxes raised.

We’ve all seen this person before. Remember the kid in the classroom who, when the teacher was wrapping up for the day and is just about to dismiss the class, raises his hand and asks what the homework is? This guy is him. Or the person at a long, drawn out business meeting where everyone has been checking his watch and is itching to leave, embarks into a long question that requires a lengthy reply? Or the parent at the also long PTA meeting about to adjourn, reignites a contentious topic that everyone else has thought was concluded?

Mr. Google is the same kind of obnoxious guy. Only this time, he’s not just stealing time, he wants to put the government’s hands in our pockets. Where do these people come from?

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