Power-ful argument

Last night 15,000 customers in Midtown lost power around dinner time. People came out on their porches to commiserate. We’ve seen it too many times before.

Fortunately, it was a short lived occurrence. A squirrel got the blame this time. Still, it happens way too often here and across the nation.

After a five hour outage in New York a few years ago, the topic resurfaced, but once again, inaction reigned. It still does, with the president and the candidates failing to talk about our decaying power grids.

It’s a serious issue. Our power grids are overloaded. They are vulnerable to solar flares and EMP attacks. If you don’t know what an EMP attack is, look into it. An Iranian spy recently confessed that his greatest fear is that Iran will unleash an EMP attack on us. Electro magnetic pulses could be easily delivered to us and the result would be to disable every mechanical thing we have: cars, airplanes in the sky, computers, power stations, water pumps – everything. We would find ourselves in the world of the Amish in a minute.

Some call it the “most likely event to happen” to cripple our country. It is low cost, requiring only a ship with a short range missile launch to hit us. Remember the Drudge headline this week about Iranian warships being moved to the Atlantic in close proximity of our shores?

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) has introduced the SHIELD Act which would require an automated protection plan and hardware based solutions to be developed within six months to protect us and our grids from an EMP attack.

He shouldn’t be the only one to talk about this. All of our presidential candidates should be including this issue in their energy speeches. Fix and protect the grids should be a major campaign platform. It would be a winning one.

Last night we were irritated to spend half an hour in the dark, at a time of year when there was still light and it was temperate. What would it be like to endure seasons like that?

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