A Nutty Idea?

Our block party and the Solyndra scandal got me thinking.

Why shouldn’t our block get stimulus money? Solyndra got half a billion dollars for its bogus energy future. Other venture Socialist companies got a batch more yesterday. Employees in the Department of Justice get $16 muffins. Yet we, a community struggling to stimulate the economy with a neighborly party, have to pay a $400 fee for our festivities. It’s time we cashed in, too, and we would even bring our own muffins.

What we lack is a community organizer. Somebody who could stir the neighborhood up, threaten politicians and demand our block party!

From there we could form our own answer to ACORN. How does PECAN sound? People Exercising Community Activities Needs. I’m sure we could find a dummy address, such as ACORN has at the First Congregational Church on South Cooper. There’s a drive through car wash on one end of the street and gas stations and bars convenient enough on the other end of the street. Surely one of those would be PECAN HQ.

PECAN’s organizers could canvass people at the annual Midtown 4th of July parade and other Midtown events. They could go to City Hall and demand our party. Heck, we’d be our own party – politically speaking. We could ask our City Council representative to throw some funds our way. Deficit? Meaningless to ACORN, meaningless to PECAN.

Our president has shown us the way. He was a community organizer, wasn’t he? He and ACORN organized all the way to the White House. We at PECAN wouldn’t have to go that far, but we’d take our piece of the pie, too. It’s seems to be the American Way now.

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